June 8, 2023

Help find this stolen scooter!


Our good friend Ish over at Adidas in Harvard Square got his scooter stolen last night around 1am from the middle of Harvard Sqaure in front of Tory Row. He was working late and came outside and his ride home was gone. This is a very recognizable scooter. It’s a Phantom Falcon 150cc. It has a Transformers sticker on the front and a Proletariat Men In Denim sticker on the back. The thing is shredded on the sides with scratches and holes from his brother laying it down one night. There’s a reward to whoever finds it and calls the cops to recover it-and if that is you hit me up at the shop proletariatboston(at)gmail.com so I can make sure you get paid! Anyways, thanks for looking out-it sucks when you are working your ass off to make ends and some fuck rolls in and ruins your night.

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