February 1, 2023

Healthcare and a march on Washington

To everyone who voted for Obama and thought all your pains would vanish. You can’t go out and buy a new car and then not put oil into it. You can’t build a deck and not varnish it. You can’t elect the most powerful man in the world and not support him when he is trying to fight for you. I too am guilty of this. I would benefit from a government sponsored healthcare plan just like everyone else would. I got a ton of emails from Obama’s people as well as MoveOn.org, etc., and I did nothing. Now the man with the plan is having to give up on this movement because of a lack of support while the Republicans are MARCHING ON WASHINGTON!?!? What is wrong with this picture people? The liberals are the people who march and we are just sitting down. We finally have a chance to make this world a better place through healthcare, green policies and the end of war as we know it. We can’t stop fighting now. We must actually call our Congressmen. Think of it like this. When your cell phone carrier “accidentally” charges you an extra $20 for some shit each month what do you do? You call, wait on hold for an hour, bitch and moan, and finally get your way. Yet, when it comes to these huge issues we just assume it will all work out in the end or there is nothing we can do about it. Again, I am just as guilty as the next guy, but not anymore. I am truly pissed off at myself for not fighting as much for universal healthcare as I did to get Obama in office. This next 4 years could be the beginning of the New America and I don’t want to tell my children why I never tried to make a difference when I had the chance. Money always trumps People in our society and it needs to stop now. Please keep up the good fight and I can promise you I will start pulling my weight as well.

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