June 8, 2023

Happy April Fools Day!

Sorry I woke up late today and didn’t prepare some bullshit fake website or trick to make the 3 of you who don’t look at your calendar freak out. I think this year we will honor April Fool’s Day by learning something that will help us be less foolish. You know nothing is ever offensive unless it personally affects you. If your best friend makes jokes about “retards” everyday and you don’t know anyone who is mentally disabled, then that shit stays funny. But if your little sister has downs syndrome and you have helped her through her hardships her whole life than you probably won’t be laughing at those jokes. So how come through all the evolution of man we have learned not to say racist terms like the N word and most people have finally left the Jews alone, but it is still socially acceptable to diss gays? Does society really need a fall guy that bad? Do we really always have to have one group to put down to make ourselves feel better? Recently I got into a little internet discussion with a group of adults who should really be above assaults on sexuality and it kind of disgusted me. I’m not defending any one person, I actually really have to think about which one of my friends is straight and who isn’t. And even as I type that I have to question the word straight which in itself is problematic because it means if you aren’t hetero you must be different. Why is hetero the standard and everything else must deviate off of it? Anyways, I doubt anyone is still reading this but here’s a vid discussing the same type thing-the current use of the term no-homo.

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