June 4, 2023

Good bye Japan & Hello Boston

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Hello falks, it’s been a long while since I left Boston. I really had a good time in Japan with my family and friends overthere. But now I am excited for so many things that I am going to do from now on…!
Anyway’s, 13hr flight was driving me crazy as always, besides that, my window seat was pretty fucked, headphones didn’t work, and a spot light-bulb for my seat died while I was reading a book. I decided to enjoy the window view, but then a flight attendant told me to shut the screen for other passengers. So I ended up watching a movie without sounds which was not fun at all. If the movie was Chaplin-esque, I would’ve enjoyed it.
And from NJ to Boston, we got stuck in the aircraft like 2hours before taking off. It was exhausting flight all the way though, seeing Boston from the plain was pretty awesome, it made my day finally. I am glad to be back in Boston now and I will miss Japan at the same time.

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