October 3, 2022


Today we released the limited to 24 Goldenstash shirt bandanna combo. Even with the shitstorm of snow we received last night some hardcore troops came out and snatched up a bunch of these. Be prepared to see a ton of Goldenstash imposters roaming the streets tonight. There will be a few of these available in-store only this weekend, and they will hit the online shop soon.

After leaving the shop, I saw this huge line of Writer’s guild supporters…It was hilarious because a lot of them had their favorite tv shows written on their signs, and this one chick in particular had Buffy the Vampire Slayer on it which as far as I know hasn’t been on the air for a few years. Anyways, it’s always cool to see people who care enough about something to get off their ass and do something about it, it’s just sad that people are willing to walk in support for Television and not world hunger or Iraq, etc.

2 thoughts on “GOLDENSTASH/PROLETARIAT t-shirt release

  1. I’m sure all guys who write comments are teens or even younger. If you are older, than shame on you!

  2. What kind of stuff are you talking about? I didn’t get a word of it! I’ve never understood people, who spend their time on commenting stuff like that.

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