March 27, 2023

Girls Night Out!

Leslie’s friends came to Boston this week for their annual sisterhood of the traveling pants style reunion. Once a year some lucky boyfriend or husband gets to host this event where 5 girls descend on his home and consume mass quantities of chocolate and US Weekly. Luckily for me, I replaced all the chocolate and magazines with wine and mixed drinks.

5:00pm: Proletariat. Everyone’s feeling groovy and sober.

10:00pm: Middlesex Lounge. This dude creeped up on Courtney. Courtney is married to my friend Luke so I wasn’t feeling it and by the look on her face neither was she. Luckily, mountain man Joe rolled up and in a respectable tone he said to the gentleman “Get the fuck out of my seat.” Problem solved.

1:00am: Faded

1:55am: Bedtime

Next Day: Colin hooks it up with the Rockstar and we are back in business!

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