June 8, 2023

Getting back to nature

So, the gang and I needed to get the F out of town since the weather here has been so shitty as of late. We chose Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire’s premier spot for big girls in bikinis and more go-kart tracks than churches. The day before we left Boston I decided to take the whip in for service because it has been dying recently. Good thing I did because it was 100% out of oil!
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Now, we were roughing it-no air mattresses, no cabins, no pop up campers, just sleeping bags and tents-so we needed to make sure we would fall asleep-and stay asleep. Next stop…New Hampshire’s State Liquor Store!
When we finally arrived at the campsite everyone went straight to work. Joe made a fire…
Lis made a vodka/lemonade/pineapple juice cocktail…
Joe made some PBR shrimp…
And I damned up the river and cooled off some PBR!
Then we chilled

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