October 6, 2022

Get off your ass and pedal!

Look, we all want to be green. We buy squiggly fluorescent lightbulbs, battery powered cars, clothing made of marijuana. And we also want to get around town quick. And since it is January and everyone thinks THIS will be the year that they get the 8 pack and bang models on a beach in Mexico, I have an idea that will allow you to have the perfect body, mind and soul. Ride a bike. Remember how fun bikes were when you were a kid? They still are. And now that you make more than $0.50 a week you can afford to buy a fun, lightweight, beautiful bike that will cost you less than a year on the MBTA. And you will lose that unsightly, fat gut. (Maybe I should take my own advice) So now that I have sold you on the perfect solution, where do you go from here? I have no fucking clue. But my friends at open bicycle do. They are like the Proletariat of the bike world. They throw these awesome events on Sundays at Middlesex where they pound a bunch of beers and drag race bicycles in front of a crowd, shaming the loser until he or she cries. And when you mix alcohol and competition someone always cries. They also just released their first t-shirt as well with awesome punk rock graphics ($18 if you are local/$21 shipped to your door) and the proceeds will help them build the illest bike shop ever. They aleady have the space and you will all be welcome there…cyclists or not. Hope that wasn’t a secret…Check them out-it will do a body good.

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