June 8, 2023

Gay Paris!

Leslie left Boston for a good 11 days on a trip to London and Paris. This was great because it left me ample time to do nothing but drink till I passed out and listen to old Dashboard cd’s. Just kidding. I didn’t drink. Now put on Screaming Infidelities while you mull over these photos…

Shopping in Paris is still an awesome experience. The photo of the dome is the ceiling of a department store downtown. In other words this is like Macy’s except it isn’t depressing, ugly, or empty 11 months of the year. I was in this exact store at Christmas a few years back during their once a year sale and I saw rich women scratching and yelling at each other trying to get the best oxford shirts for their husbands. It was really hot.

The thing that drives me nuts about Paris is everything is always closed. It’s also what makes the place so awesome-workers strike over everything and usually win, businesses take Summer vacations, dudes roll in late because they can. There’s this one store that I really wanted Leslie to check out called Colette. Colette is world famous for cutting edge fashions. Most of the store’s clothing is displayed on mannequins so when you walk around the store there are hundreds of mannequins and very little clothing on hangers. The other awesome thing about Colette is their water bar. They have imported waters from around the globe that they will pair with your meal choice like a fine wine. Talk about excess! Unfortunately like everything else in Paris-they were closed!

These guys are all over Europe. I lost 120£ to one of these dudes 2 years ago and I am still pissed. I swear there is some little midget inside the box with a magnet moving the ball bearing around so you always lose.

She also snagged some ill graffiti flicks which I will be putting in the RUN section.

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