June 6, 2023

Friends and Parties


Nate and Caitlin came to stay with us this weekend and we brought them to the South Street Sea-Port for a free show. Most of the bands sucked but it was a nice night with friends
SouthStreet Sea-Port NYC

Large Boats
SouthStreet Sea-Port NYC

SouthStreet Sea-Port NYC

The next day while the ladies were busy, Nate and I went way out on the G train to catch what we thought was a free show in Brooklyn.

This was our view

Todd P Show

We decided once we walked up and heard how terrible most of the bands were performing at the Todd P party that we would sit on the bridge and watch in hopes of catching a good band and not paying $10. We instead spent $10 at the liquor store
The bridge w/Nate

On the way back from the liquor store we say some real Brooklyn-ites

And realized that biker shorts are all the rage!

Hot Pants

And that rivers in Brooklyn are filled with used condoms & Jellyfish

Condoms and Dead Jelly-fish BK

After we got bored of sitting in the sun, we met up with our ladies to attend the Miss-Behave magazine party where we enjoyed free tacos and $2 Red Stripe

And people dressed like this



Lisard and I

Union Pool Photo Booth

tsk tsk

We saw this very flavorful bike in front of the Union Pool

Bondage Sex Motorcycle

Get a good look at the flavor
Bondage Sex Motorcycle

Can you find the apple?
Bondage Sex Motorcycle

On the way out we saw some tiny tags


And some Golden Stash <3 GOLDEN STASH - Brooklyn NYC

Then we saw some dudes that always go big




A Toy Explosion!

And parachuting shoes
Bomb sneakers

We ended our night at Carmine’s Pizzeria (385 Graham Ave. BK) for some delicious slices before we headed back to Jersey to rage the rest of the night. More to come!

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