October 6, 2022

Friday 9.19.08 (Joint Blog between Kerry & Joe)


Friday was ILL! I took a personal day from work and went on a trip. It was Lis’s 21st birthday and our one year anniversary so we decided to spend the weekend with some of the illest friends on earth, Kerry & Leslie, in Boston! We slept in a bit and then jumped onto the BOLT BUS!

Bolt Bus Rules

For those of you unfamiliar with the Bolt Bus, it has ill seating, outlets to charge your electronics and Wi-Fi ! After approximately five hours we arrived in Boston where it was COLD!
Kerry-I actually rode the Bolt Bus a while back and the wifi was down and the plug didn’t work in my seat. Normally I wouldn’t give a shit, except I lugged my 40lb. Dell laptop all the way to NYC so I could watch America’s Funniest Home videos on Youtube and then my battery died after 10 minutes

Lis is mad cold

Lisard is cold

We kind of forgot how much colder Boston is in comparison to New York City so we decided to warm up with some Starbucks. For some reason Starbucks gave me this….so I wouldn’t steal the bathroom key.


Kerry-Yuck. I never like touching bathroom keys or spoons attached to bathroom keys or hubcaps attached to bathroom keys. You know how much nasty ass germy type crap is crawling on that stuff? You’d be better off just peeing in your hands.
After we got something to warm us up we met with Lis’s dad for some dinner and then to went the Simon house for some dessert!
Kerry-Betty Crocker chocolate cake motherfuckers!!!!

Lis and I

When we arrived there was mad booze and some ill cake! We headed out from the Simon house to Deep Ellum, a place that I thought would be douchey. I was wrong though, we all sat on the back deck and started our evening.

Kerry-Deep Ellum is named after an area in Dallas, Texas, where I spent much of my wasted youth seeing shows. I saw Weezer perform the blue album there, as well as Pavement and I think the Dead Milkmen. Jack Ruby the guy who killed Lee Harvey Oswald-the guy who the government says killed JFK had a club here. That was a lot of meat with no gravy. Anyways, the bar is cool, the deck is awesome.

Lis’ first legal drink @ a bar

Deep Ellum

Awesome beer

Deep Ellum

After a few drinks we headed to ZuZu to see our main man ETAN do an ill DJ Set!

Watching that video almost gave me a second hangover. That was a fun/rough night. I ran into a bunch of people that I hadn’t seen in a while and even though I was pounding mad Sprite’s the shots of whiskey won and I was hurting.
When we got to ZuZu Etan had the place bumping while we raged


Lisard and J dog

Kerry-Man! I knew that chick in the yellow was eyeballin Justin’s man meat. Hindsight is 20/20.
Kerry & Justin


Kenji & I

Lis yells at her drinks when they are not strong enough


Lis and leslie

Nate with Mike (passion pit), his brother and bro’s gf

Don’t ask what is happening here


Kerry-Haha it looks like Etan either just made a pass at Lis or he farted. I’m wondering if this was the photo I took that made me spill my drink all over Mike-which then caused the barrage of shots, which then caused this 6’4″ dancing machine to get a Greg Louganis the next morning.

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