June 8, 2023


We did the 4th thing, which seems to resemble every other holiday we celebrate as Americans. You know the drill…eat a lot, get drunk, blow shit up. If you aren’t celebrating Christmas or Easter like this, you are missing out. Anyways, I was busy mixing fruity drinks for the ladies (and myself) so I didn’t take many photos. There are the best two, and least blurry. This guy is keeping China’s flag factory in business…

Here’s Owen pulling the double lobe shot factory drinking my new special 4th of july beverage.

If you want to make your own here’s the recipe:

1 Solo cup
Some pineapple juice
some banana rum
some bacardi
some mailbu rum
some captain morgan
some grenadine
some blue curacao
some bailey’s irish cream
some orange juice
some Moet

And if you are Straight Edge here’s your recipe, which I guarantee is just a delicious!
1 Solo Cup
some orange juice
some pineapple juice
some grenadine
some Sprite

Happy 4th!

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