December 9, 2022
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Adam “Ademo” Mueller is a syndicated talk show host of the radio show Free Talk Live, which is syndicated on 109 stations as well as XM radio…in other words, he is a pretty big journalist, yet he is facing 21 years in prison for “wiretapping.” Sounds pretty nuts, right? Here’s what happened. A 17-year-old kid in Manchester, New Hampshire, got his face bashed by a cop during lunch. A senior at that school videotaped the event and sent it to Adam Mueller, the journalist. Adam published it on his program’s website and youtube channel. Is the kid who videotaped the event facing charges? No. Is a journalist who’s job is to get stories out facing 3 separate counts of 7 year sentences sitting in a prison right now eating bologna sandwiches? Yes. This is not good people. Here is Mr. Mueller in his latest court trial…

If you want to see the video that kicked this off here it is. I’m wondering if the police officer who is trying to put a journalist away for 21 years got reprimanded at all for slamming a 17-year-old kid’s face down on the table. Also, at what point did parents get duped into letting officers of the law into schools? Is it weird that our school system was SAFER without metal detectors and cops? I know from personal experience that shit got a lot more rowdy once we had to blow in breathalyzers to go to prom and walk through metal detectors from 7th grade on. Maybe it’s time for parents to do their fucking job and take more interest in their children so we don’t have animals like this cop raising them for us…

If you want to do a small part in making this “circus” go away, circulate this on your social media pages…


  1. Thanks for covering the story – it’s an important one that more people should be aware of.

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