September 28, 2022

Fixed Gear Bikes|Street Wear|The New Skateboards?

Can anyone explain to me the connection between street wear and fixed gear bikes? It seems that every street wear store in New York City has a fixed gear bike lingering around, not for sale, doesn’t look used, just posed. Is it cool points? Does having a fixed gear bike in your store give you street cred? Are fixed gear bikes now as essential as your laaaame collection of dunks that you dust off or keep in plastic, that probably won’t be worth shit in two years and only leave the confines of your moms house for sneaker-con? Is the fixed gear the new skateboard? KAWS just designed a bike (non fixed) with Lance Armstrong, OBEY has his own fixed gear, and I can’t seem to figure it out. I am not knocking riding a fixed gear, I ride one, a lot of my friends ride them, I just don’t see the connection between cycling and being street. Maybe our readers can help. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section, you no longer have to register to comment. Fixies are everywhere! You can even buy them HERE.

Fixed gear inspired street-wear

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