February 8, 2023

Finally a new studio!

Every artist yearns for a place they can go to and lock themselves away from humanity in order to make art. After 4 years in this biz I finally got one of my own. It is small and I share it with a girl so I should probably keep it neat, but it is mine! All mine…well half all mine. Anyways, thanks to Boston’s ill trash scene I picked up a desk, lamp, and some books for free.

Here you can see a close up of my favorite paintings by Kenji.

After staring at a computer and those paintings all day, I got stuck staring at this…

There was an ill sticker by NUTSACK on that mailbox but my shit camera flashed it out. Next we met up with Josh who spends his days making paper, glossy, sexy paper. I don’t know how I spent a couple hours with these two and forgot to take a photo, so peep his site, those girls are way better looking than us anyway.

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