February 5, 2023

Finally, a graffiti zine for Boston!

Sometime last year a customer of mine and I began talking about the lack of local media for writers. A few months later Are You In aka R.U.N. was born. It was a cool little DIY zine printed off on black and white copiers at Kinkos. I bought about 20 off the dude and sold all of them which paid for issue number 2. Issue 2 sold out as well and then I never saw Mr. RUN again. Until this past Christmas. Mr. RUN got his shit together, had some cash burning a hole in his pocket, and told me to expect a glossy color zine in the new year. I had my doubts, but then he dropped off some biz cards. Then kids started bringing in stickers to include in the zine, and now today I got issue 3, the final product. I have to say, this is some quality work. The issue includes all forms or graffiti and street art and doesn’t discriminate between the awesome and terrible; it leaves it open for you to decide. There is also a good interview with Lochness and I hope y’all like this one as much as I do, because issue four is supposedly in the works. I believe I am the only shop in town carrying these so get one fast because they are limited to 75 issues.

The Zine comes sealed in plastic with a Montana brochure and Proletariat sticker, Pink Eye Sticker, 3_MS sticker, Dream Team sticker, and a LAB ad. If you want to have some of your flicks featured in issue four or include a sticker hit em up at his myspace.

4 thoughts on “Finally, a graffiti zine for Boston!

  1. oh man what are you all doing? It seems like the only thing you do is writing comments. Don’t be crazy!

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