February 5, 2023

FARO @ Pursuit Gallery, VT & My Weekend


My boy FARO is showing his work at The Pursuit Gallery in Burlington VT for the next month. Go buy some shit. Over half the studio has sold already so move QUICK!

BIGFOOT did a spot there a few months back. Peep it.

On Saturday my amazing friends TOM & MORGEN came to visit and we had an awesome BBQ in my backyard! Their dog Boon is amazing and I wish he was mine!

Getting ready to cook!

The Yard
My Backyard

TOM & MORGEN @ Van Vorst doggy park where Boon played with other pups!


My wall
My wall

After a long night the ladies got sleepy.
Lis Hand

And so did Boon!
Morgen asleep w/boon

While they snoozed Tom and I wondered around Jersey City with my friend Jay. I decided it was best to not bring an expensive camera with us! Stayed tuned for more updates from JC and NYC!

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