February 4, 2023

Facebook for Nerds

Kind of an oxymoron I know, but now we have a facebook for readers. If you love books and want people to see how well read you are then check out Goodreads. You can put your favorite books online, write reviews, and probably diss other people for not being as smart or learned as you.

In related news, GM workers went on strike today which I think is awesome. Maybe if the American public could learn to “strike” we wouldn’t be so afraid of our “leaders” and we wouldn’t find ourselves in fucked up situations. I also think this is cool because I am reading a book about striking laborers and now I get to see the modern version.

Ok, at the risk of sounding preachy, let me win you back by showing you how shitty the life of a celeb really is. A bit Slaughterhouse 5 if you will…

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