October 3, 2022

Evoker? Evaker? Emoker? Eveker? Who is this?

By now most of you are aware of this kid Evoker. He’s on our blog all the time and he is a great artist. He is not however a graffiti artist and he definitely doesn’t go tagging on the streets or in restrooms, etc. This is his signature for his paintings…
Now, the other day a buddy sent me this photo of a bathroom mirror in Boston. —->
He was wondering why Evoker would hit up a random bathroom when he never gets up anywhere in town…well, I talked to Evoker and he said it wasn’t him. Then, some dudes I was chatting with told me Evoker was crushing Quincy. Once again, not him. So what’s up? Whoever this is is obviously going full force so why not come up with a new name and make it famous? In the meantime you are giving this other dude credit for your work and that sucks. I know that most names in the world are taken, but do a quick google search, and ask around, because even if one day you get better than the original people will always wonder why you didn’t make a new name famous. My 2 cents.

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