June 4, 2023

Everything’s bigger in Texas

I forgot to finish my blog when I got back from the Lone Star State. This is the awesome ant trail I woke up to when one of the roaches died in my motel room.

Then as I was drivng, this teradactyl swooped down and dropped a load on my Chrysler. A Texas sized load at that! (I held a quarter up ther for a reference point)

So in order to get this quarter pounder off of my windshield I went to this car wash, free with a fill up I might add.

Then I passed this pink preacher’s mansion…his mailbox does say God is Good in case you were wondering.

Finally, I ended the trip with a “big beer.”

And this week I will recieve the 9 big boxes of vintage I bought. There is some ill shit in this shipment you won’t want to miss.

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