January 28, 2023

Everyone needs a pet!

A message from Leslie, Kerry’s wife:

I’ve recently started volunteering at the Animal Rescue League of Boston, where Kerry and I adopted our cat, Sloane Peterson, nearly six years ago. ARL is truly an excellent shelter, (lovingly) committed to finding any and all pets a home. Since I started my volunteer work — in cat socialization (no kidding) — I’ve come home each week with ample stories of really cool animals, and Kerry thought it might be nice for us to “feature” an ARL pet on the blog each week. So, here goes:

Today I played at length with Kyle and Kandi, two unfortunately named but sweet, affectionate and playful cats. They have to be adopted together because they’re boyfriend and girlfriend; they took care of each other on the streets, and are totally devoted to each other (Kandi, the smaller, striped cat, sleeps right on top of Kyle). So if you know anyone interested, please spread the word! These sweet things need a good home, and they would doubtless make your home more pleasant — two little creatures all your own! And, by the by, did y’all know that people with pets live longer, happier lives? It’s a physiological fact.


If you want to check out other ARL animals, go to arlboston.org. Adopting animals is easy (and fun!); cats cost around $100, which includes all shots, spaying/neutering, the microchip, and vet care for several months after adoption. There’s also a vet clinic on-site, where we still take our cat for check-ups.

Let me put in one more word for K&K, though. They’re awesome! Like the Bennifer of the shelter.

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