February 4, 2023

Endless Summer

After doing absolutely nothing outdoor related this Summer, Leslie and I decided to go to the beach. If you have ever driven to the Cape you know this bridge. It’s fucking scary.

On the drive up there is the modern equivalent of the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s…these two shops are directly across the street from each other in the middle of nowhere and battle it out daily on who can put more shit on the curb. I’ve always wanted to stop at one of these, but I would want to go to the underdog and I’m not sure which one that is…

We met up with our friends Lee and Jay and took the scenic route to the “locals” beach. It was a cool walk because the tide was coming in creating pools and rivers everywhere, flooding the wild grass like a rice patch.

Once you got past that you got this as a reward

When in Rome…you eat pasta…when in P-town…lobster rolls!

Provincetown also has an unusual amount of great boutiques for a beach town. Shit, they even have a Marc Jacobs store, but that is because he has a house there. Anyways, I found this gem called MAP on the far end of the main street and their vibe was perfect. It was a perfect mix of Rock N Roll meets Southern California car kulture. The kind of place that made you want to buy something with great displays and a curated mix of books, accessories, and clothing. I asked the owner Pauline why she didn’t fill a void in Boston’s scene, and apparently she had a shop in the South End for a few years but the scene was a bit uptight. Anyways, if you head out to P-town, this is a must stop.

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