January 28, 2023

Shit’s Weak | Ed Hardy is the new Von Dutch

Remember back to 2004 when millions of douche bags from all over the world started wearing Von Dutch hats that cost $100 + in an attempt to show that they had money, or uhh style? Yeah, me too. Now every time I go out in the city I see douche bags wearing Ed Hard t-shirts, jeans, jackets and even worse the fake tattoo sleeves. Didn’t anyone learn from their mistakes in 2004? How is it that people think wearing garments with “dragons raping tigers covered in bedazzles” is cool? (nick kroll).


I guess what prompted this post is the that I went out last night to see MSTRKRFT @ Webster Hall in NYC and I was surrounded by tons of dudes that looked like this.hwdoucebags01ok12

And I guess they don’t realize that if they continue to keep up with all the trends in popped collar fashion in ten years they are going to look more like this.

Ed Hardy – giving douche bags an inflated sense of self confidence in the hopes of getting bitches naked while drinking champagne with their male fantasy counterparts.


MSTRKRFT video from last night. It is dark as fuck but it will give you an idea of the scene. Loud douchey conversations and maximum bro visibility around the 3 min mark.

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