May 28, 2023

Do you Hulu?

I came across this new website that y’all may or may not know about. It is called Hulu and it lets you watch current tv shows and movies for free in a youtube like environment. It isn’t illegal either which I know wouldn’t have stopped any of y’all, but at least this way you don’t have to wait for bittorrent to watch a bunch of your favorites. There are however a few commercials, but I think there is only one per break as opposed to MTV’s 17 per break. Anyways, now if you don’t have cable or a Tivo but you do steal your neighbor’s wireless you are good to go. Also you can embed the shows in your blog, facebook, myspace, etc. to share your favorite eps with a friend. pretty cool.

For instance here is The Office: Season 4: Episode: Survivorman

Or if it is a Monday afternoon and you want to make it feel like a Sunday night at 2 AM: we have the Outer Limits!

Dude! Sweet! Dude! Sweet! Dude Sweet! Dude! Sweet! Dude! Sweet! Dude! Sweet! Dude Sweet! Dude! Sweet!

You get the idea…

7 thoughts on “Do you Hulu?

  1. Y’all..hmmmm..

    I WANT A COMPUTER :[ this is just slapping me in the face for not having a working one now…boooooo hisssss


  2. Since porn technology always comes (no pun intended) before regular tech, where is the porno hulu? I am dying to see Squirters 2!

  3. They’re working on getting vids on the sidekick. Youtube mobile is coming out in the summer time, but that’s all I know. Seeing how that would allow vids on it..I’m sure other sites would work too but alas, as of now, I’m just fucked over until I get around a grand


  4. the porno hulu exists my friends

    spread the know

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