February 3, 2023

DJ Diabetic aka Shepard Fairey at the Good Life

Thanks to Obama’s campaign, now even my mom knows who Shepard Fairey is. And if you look at the back of any sign anywhere in Boston right now, chances are there is a brand new OBEY sticker slapped up. So when my friend Peter told me he was bringing Shepard Fairey to his bar for a private party where he would dj I was pretty skeptical. I think my exact words were “so this dude can’t just be the most famous street artist of his generation-our Andy Warhol- (sorry BANKSY), now he has to try and be a dj too?” But I ate my words last night and washed them down with about 12 Schlitzes. You see, he isn’t trying to be the Shepard Fairey of the dj world, he is just a regular dude playing all the party favorites. And he did a great job. He was also a really nice guy, posing for photos and signing Obey propaganda. And the best part was to both of our surprise, he was repping the Proletariat.

Now if you saw me there snapping shots with my new Brustin camera peep this video. It was awesome chilling with all of you-we should do it again some time!

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