February 8, 2023

Dead tree rats, Japanese junk food, is this the end of days Papa?

A moment of silence for the nasty ass squirrel who passed away today doing whatever he or she loved. Digging in the trash, hording nuts for winter, and apparently making jumps from branches that he or she may or may not make. And we can’t forget whatever kinky shit this squirrel was into with that human sized rubber glove.

Today was a good day. Kenji showed up at the shop looking tired as shit wearing the same clothes he was wearing yesterday. And he brought me these fine Japanese delicacies. I think the first one was gum, the second one was definitely gum and the third was curry flavored potato strings. That should hold me over until tomorrow.

While devouring my curry chips I got to watch the Newbury Comics shoplifter show! A once a month footchase to freedom usually by junkies wearing flip flops trying to turn those boosted Mariah Carey cd’s into tonight’s fix. Word to the wise, don’t shoplift in a indoor structure like the Garage while wearing flipflops. Also don’t try and steal from me because I will fucking kill you.


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