February 4, 2023

Court dates aren’t real dates

I had to go back to court yesterday. Court is not fun. For the few of you who haven’t ever gone to court, allow me to let you in on something…you really are judged by what you wear, and the funny thing is you start looking around and you see kids get off because they clean up nice and you see dudes looking thugged out and they don’t make much headway. So, next time you go to court wear a shirt and tie and some slacks and decent shoes. This outfit can sometimes work better than a lawyer. That being said, don’t take pictures for your blog while in court either…

Last night Leslie had me meet her downtown to see the Kite Runner. If you haven’t heard of it your girlfriend or your mom probably has. All I gotta say is it was some heavy, heavy shit. I know if you have seen the preview it looks like any other happy ending movie, but this shit was HEAVY. You will never look at another immigrant, or Afghani the same again. So, afterwards I needed a drink, which brought us to the Parker House, home of the Boston Creme Pie.

This bathroom was bigger than my apartment! Did someone say time to steal the toilet paper?

And finally today. If you ever got the itch to graffiti up your ride, think twice.

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