September 28, 2022

Contracts are important

So supergirl Keaton started this website “Stuff Scene Kids Like” a while back to show off how lame scene kids are. It was really funny (even though I still am too ignorant to know the difference between a scene kid and a hipster and a tween) and super successful…like thousands of views a day successful, like way the fuck more successful than thatsthehookup (thanks guys) 🙂 Anyways, we talked a few months ago and Keaton was trying to get her biz partner to sign a contract and him being the wyly businessman he is he sidestepped the request and in a nutshell pushed Keaton out. Of course, I know this sucks for her now, but the dude really should have cultivated Keaton’s talent-then asked her to sign a contract because she is going mad places and he is gonna be the proud owner of a blog that in 10 minutes no one is gonna give a rats ass about. Keaton-you won this one because at the end of the day you aren’t a nerdy loser writing about a lifestyle that you arent even a part of. Now, if you want to read a blog written by an interesting, sweet, awesome chick who got all of us free beer and energy drinks click here. In the meantime let’s watch the decline of Keaton’s past endeavor.

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