March 21, 2023

Consume! Consume! Consume!

Fuck me, who knew Harry Potter was so damn famous? Tonight I am making an announcement to the world. Tomorrow I will begin writing children’s books. I have no idea what they will be about, but they are gonna be big, in fact, huge! Like Harry Potter. I will be accepting pre-orders at the low price of $79.99. Release date T.B.A.

Here’s the current line up with three hours till the release…

The weird thing is there are cute girls crazy about this shit. So next time a chick talks trash about you sleeping outside for some kicks or an X-Box remind her about her Harry love affair. Here’s the scene outside the shop:

Of course all these people are lining up for our new tees.

We got a surprise visit from our favorite German, Snackman. What was he doing here? Fuck if I know! But he was cashing in on the exchange rate that is for sure. The United States is the new Mexico! Thanks George Bush!

Also, earlier today we got a visit from two of the finest female sneaker customizers from NYC.

This won’t be the last you hear of them.

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