January 28, 2023

Computer Literate

As many of you have probably noticed we have taken on a new member into this dysfunctional family. Meet Intern Taylor. Intern Taylor is a senior at Brookline High and has many marketable skills, such as wasting 8 hours a day on myspace and facebook, texting people, and walking into walls by accident. Luckily, those are the three skills you need to be an intern at Proletariat. Intern Taylor hooked us up with our very own Facebook. I checked it out yesterday and have no idea how to use it, so we will see where that goes in the future 🙂

We went and picked up Joe’s new Mac last night. I haven’t seen him this happy since he told me 9 times about how he’s never washing his new $200 jeans, and apparently the Apple employees are taking customer service to another level by offering hugs as you leave.

The best part about this event was Joe’s friend works at the Apple store. So we bypassed a line of about 10 people waiting to buy their new computers. So, Joe walks right in, his computer was on hold, we pay, and then as we were walking out Joe insisted on yelling at everyone in line “that’s the hook up bro! that’s the hook up!” If the people in line weren’t so computery we would have been dead fo’ sho.

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