June 9, 2023

Coast to Coast

Two Proletariat guest artists have been building names for themselves faster and faster in the art world. Of course I am talking about AUKS and Kenji Nakayama. Auks was responsible for this short run of Proletariat tees that sold out faster than Dennis Hopper.

Auks is so amazing because his hands are capable of multiple styles of art. You want graffiti, he can do it. Pen and Ink? Done. Sculpture? Yep. George Bush driving a tank in the style of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth?

Easy. Anyways, you get the picture, and if you are on the left coast check out his work this month at the Crewest Gallery in Los Angeles.

Next up we have Kenji Nakayama. You just saw his Project Red Converse on here a few postings ago, and now he is invading NYC tomorrow night at the Abrons Art Center for a multi-cultural artistic explosion! (I just made that line up but it sounds mad good.) If Kenji wasn’t enough of a reason to go, COPE2 will be showing work as well, so get on the Fung Wah Bus or whatever, skip work, and go get crunkaphone. I’ll try to get pix from these shows and put them up in the future.

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