May 29, 2023

Climate Change is a real, FINANCIAL, problem.

The Government Accountability Office is an independent, nonpartisan agency that works for Congress. Often called the “congressional watchdog,” GAO investigates how the federal government spends taxpayer dollars. Now that you know this the GAO came out today to say that the US Government has significant financial exposure to climate change. Of course it ALWAYS comes down to money and liberals should always start with the money when trying to convince a conservative to make change. The reason the GAO says the US Government is at such a high risk is because the government is the country’s largest real estate holder, owning 30% of the land and obviously hundreds of thousands of buildings. When storms like Sandy hit, they take out all of these holdings and the government has to pay out major amounts of cash in disaster aid – so the GAO says we should actually pay attention to climate change in order to protect our financial assets. Of course it annoys me that it always comes down to a made up monetary system to get life saving change, but at this point I will take it. Another thing the GAO pointed out is the governments weather satellite is ending its working life and the government, aka us, could experience up to 4.5 years of lost weather forecasting because of it. Since reason, common sense, and spirituality haven’t convinced Congress to take a hard look at climate change, maybe the thought of losing a few trillion dollars will.


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