February 5, 2023

Christmas bonanza!

Last night was worthy of this morning’s headache. We started off simple, Special K, Joe, Lis, and Leslie and I, packed into the SUV in search of awesome Christmas decorations. Where else but East Somerville? The residents of E.S. did not disappoint. For starters we have the “Support our Troops” house:

We were sure this would be the dopest house in town until I saw this beacon in the night calling our name:

And here it is in all it’s glory! Through tinted windows I might add. Better bust out the suntan lotion if you are going to stare at it for a while.

Well after all this fun, the troops were getting restless, so we decided we needed to whip some shitties in a parking lot. Thankfully, about 10 minutes into it, Joe took a video. The snow banks we plowed through were about 3.5 feet high if that gives you any perspective.

Then to top it off we met a few more homeys at the Model Cafe. For you out of towners, the Model is a mix of hipsters, real punks, and what seem to be homeless people. But those might just be hipsters nouveaux. I dropped a quarter when we first sat down and when I went to retrieve it I stuck my fingers into about a 1/2 inch of bar sludge. It was gross. But I am not dissing the place, $2 beers, $3 dollar jumbo shots…good music…Drunk Mitch & Drunk Matt

Drunk Joe & Drunk Lis


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