June 8, 2023


Polygamist Retreat

These photos released by the Texas Department of Public Safety show the five indicted members of a West Texas polygamist sect that turned themselves into authorities, Monday, July 28, 2008 to face child sexual abuse charges. Also pictured is Warren Jeffs, the already-jailed leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. From left, top row, Raymond Merrill Jessop, 36, Allen Eugene Keate, 56, Michael George Emack, 57. Botton row, Merrill Leroy Jessop, 33, Lloyd Hammon Barlow, 38 and Jeffs. (AP Photo/Texas Department of Public Safety)

Source: Jezebel

One thought on “CHILD FUCKERS

  1. Wow, those dudes are gonna get so fucked up in prison. That’s the only true justice left in the American system…if you fuck with kids prison is gonna be a literal Hell. Last time I was in Texas was about a month or two after this story broke and I actually saw a truck full of what I believe were ploygamists driving towards the border of Mexico. It was crazy because I was filling up the car at a gas station and this mom and daughter walked past me in prairie gear and then this little boy ran up to the truck in black pants, suspenders and a white button up shirt. Then I saw the Dad who was straight out of HBO’s Big Love. Anyways, the truck was overloaded with all the family’s worldly possessions and the weirdest part was it had Mexican license plates. So, I guess the compound is moving south.

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