February 3, 2023



The other night my boy Nate (aka DJ ETAN) informed me that he had an extra ticket to go see CARIBOU at the Paradise Rock Club, so I took the extra ticket and went with him to see the ever talented Caribou perform in front of an undersold club. I find it pretty unreal how Bostonians are behind in the art/music scene. Caribou (who is from Canada, now England) could easily sell out a club in New York City twice the size of the Paradise and so could most other artists of his popularity that perform in other major markets. I can not understand if it is the abundance of of college yeah dudes and yeah girls that are out of touch with what is blowing up in other cities or if it is something about Boston. Well anyways the show was awesome and I would love to hear some feedback on why YOU think Boston is wack.

Here is a video from the show.

Please support arts and music. If you dig Caribou’s shit then buy and album, or a ticket to one of his shows or a t-shirt. Keep art a live. You can hear more tracks HERE and to hear a Caribou remix by DJ ETAN CLICK HERE The track is called “IRENE”.

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5 thoughts on “CARIBOU

  1. I think the problem with the Boston music scene is the fact that most kids who come to Boston for school are lame. Take away the art schools, music schools, and Emerson, and you are left with big schools who do it the Southern way with frats and house parties, or you are left with very, very intelligent nerdy schools. Then you add the fact that no one wants to come together and create a scene because they will be moving in 4 years or they are so apathetic that they would rather just say the place is lame and go to NYC on the weekends. So what does that leave us with? A very dedicated yet very small scene. Then this scene is split between a few events a week, and the shit is small. That’s why I had so much fun at Snek Atak 2. That shit felt like a real event in a real city. I waited in line for over an hour and my friends thought I was nuts, but when I asked them why everyone in front and behind us were willing to wait, they decided to stay and have a fucking amazing time. Just don’t give up man, even if the scene doesn’t explode while you are here, you are laying a groundwork for future kids.

  2. Well put. I do have to give Boston props for nights like Heartthrob and some of the Basstown nights along with Paper and Thunderdome. The scene here might be small, but if you are into electronic music it fucking rules. I am glad that people are back into dressing up and dancing and the drugs don’t hurt a bit either 🙂

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