June 10, 2023

Busy Beaver

That has to be the name of a porno. I have been taking a ton of pictures on my phone lately, and I will try and get those up ASAP…but I have to find the stupid cable that came along with it.

It’s been a pretty good week so far. I went into this crazy rummage sale of a toy shop and scored two original WWF puzzles in un-opened no lost pieces condition!

Then my main man, or woman, dropped off his or her latest sticker creation and these two kids did a remix all over it.

Yesterday Zomboy dropped off his latest free patches and they are going quick. I still have a few left so get here asap.

And finally, the latest and greatest paint shipment arrived. This is probably 3 times the last shipment and by far the biggest ever. We have Montana Black, Gold, Platinum, and XXL. As well as all the new markers, squeezes, etc. This WILL be gone in 2 weeks or less and then you will have to wait another month for the re-up.
Oh yeah, and if you had signed up for the mailing list you would have known this yesterday…

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