February 8, 2023

Brain-Cell Genocide!


Saturday night started with Kerry & I sitting down at Grendel’s Den in Harvard Square to enjoy a few PROLETARIAT MARTINI’s ! You read correctly, Kerry has a martini named after the shop and it is quite a bargain. For $7.50 a piece, a few of these will get you faded. Once Lis got off work we headed out with a few beers to cause some BRAIN CELL GENOCIDE!

Kerry did a tribute to The Peasantry song “Gee”
Peasantry Tribute! GEE!

Lis and I found a tasty NUT SACK!
We found a Nutsack

McCunt & Lisard ATTACKED!
McCunt & Lisard
Heres looking at you KID!
WHAT UP!??!?

The crowning moment! NOTE: I DO NOT SPEAK SPANISH!

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