June 8, 2023

Blast from the Past

It’s not everyday someone from your past wins a reality show. Being from a large state like Texas I have known a good amount of people who were on reality shows, but none have won until now. Last night Melissa Lawson won NBC’s Nashville star, and from what I heard it wasn’t even close.

Normally I wouldn’t give a shit about this stuff but this time it’s different. You see, my parents forced me into the church choir along with just about everything else I hated as a kid: boy scouts, t-ball, swimming, school, exercise, etc. Well, Melissa and her brother Brian were in this small choir with me and they were both very talented. You could tell even then that Melissa loved performing in front of a crowd, and it is really cool to see all of her hard work paying off. I remember that even at a young age of about 11, I realized that Melissa’s family was definitely poorer than her peers, so I hope winning this contest can help her fulfill the needs and desires of her family of 6. Anyways, I was just happy to see someone win a reality show not because they cheated, are beautiful, or they “played the game well,” but because they had more talent than everyone else and as a bonus are a genuinely nice person. Congrats Melissa. Maybe now I will actually have a reason to watch the Olympics.

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