February 8, 2023

Bigger in Boston

The first thing we did upon arrival was to spend some extra time at logan airport, due to ‘security reasons’. They send my friend Djavan through extra passport control and double baggage inspection (they took apart the entire contents of his suitcase, that is), just because he had a ‘fake’ passport and a ‘terrorist’ name…
So on the first day we just recovered from that shock.

The next day we checked out harvard square, and of course Proletariat.
I have to say that Kerry showed my whole visit in a strange light, so wanna show you my side of the story. From my point of view, it looked a lot more like this:

In harvard square we also stumbled upon the topic that’s probably gonna decide the next elections…
…, not.

The day after that I was sick, but on Sunday we hit the guitar center, where Djavan spent like what seemed thwelveteen hours trying out ancient guitars. Then we walked down this street:

We also came across Fenway,

… where we saw this awesome sign:
(Kerry, why haven’t you thought of this on a shirt before? 😉 )

“The moon in da hood”
(photo credit goes to Djavan)

At the Fenway T-Stop (they now charge for outbound trains, outrageous!) there were some interesting plexi-glass carvings, that I C-14-dated to not that old.


On Monday we headed for NYC, so stay tuned for pics of that.

In the meantime have fun (as we did lots) with this short movie:

(if the embed-link doesn’t work, try here)

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