February 8, 2023

Big in America

(I tried to do a new header for the time in the US, but my PS went on strike… >:-/ )

At the end of last week Urlaub started. My friend Djavan and I flew over to Boston for some vacation. He’s never been to the US of A, so I’ll show him everything thats good and bad around Boston and NYC.

Last Thursday, three in the morning, we went to the airport with two friends of ours who happened to fly to portugal around the same time. Notice how we break the rules parking that baggage cart?

The cheapest flight available was Alitalia, so we flew via Milano. Beyond this sticker the Italians really didn’t care much about security, much to our comfort.
Seriously, they even showed some psycho-thriller and some Italian teen movie with naked drugs and naked people on the big screen, where all the kids could see it. They really should’ve thought about showing that thriller twice… irresponsible… tsss…

On the flights to and fro Milano we always sat in close vicinity to crying babies, but what was worse was the William-Shatner-double on the flight to Boston who was sitting two seats right(-wing) from us. He read “Defending the King James Bible” (and his friend was reading “Christian belief and Rock Music) and watched that Italian teen movie very critically. Then he fell asleep and got a boner.

More post-flight Boston and NYC pics coming up…

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