February 4, 2023

better than fixies

These dudes know how to impress the ladies. Go out and buy a few thousand dollars worth of stereo equipment and strap it to your little brother’s bmx. Then inflate the tires to 2000 psi (so they don’t pop), steal your mom and dad’s car batteries, and cruise down the street with your 700lb. human powered woman repellant.
ghetto-blaster-bikes MORE!————>
Hey…kids in Allston who ride up and down Comm. Ave with your boomboxes strapped to your Huffy’s. Don’t take this hobby to the next level. Take your $4000 and buy a fucking whip! Then if you ever do meet a girl you will have a place to hook up with her!
Of course you better invest in MiracleEar and learning sign language because you just cooked your brain for reggaeton.

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