February 8, 2023

Best WEEK(end) Ever!

This was the first traditional weekend I have had off in years…and for me that means Saturday and Sunday. I usually work Saturday’s because it is my only chance to see a lot of you who come in from out of town, but this Saturday I had to get up at the ass-crack of dawn to watch Joe graduate.
Here’s Agganis Arena, at Boston University. This is where Berklee College of Music had their graduation. I fucking hate Agganis because I got thrown out of a show here for standing up in the aisle. Never see a concert here…

Decorating your hat helps your parents find you…and helps everyone else know you are a douche.

Here’s when you know you have given up on life…

And this is what I look like when I go to weddings and funerals…of course at the funerals I am frowning.

After most celebrating and about 14 hours of sleep we decided we needed to become one with nature. It’s funny, I never really had this feeling while living in other parts of the USA, because inevitably you had a run in with some grass, or bird might shit on you. I digress. Anyways, Joe and I drove out to la-la land to do some city fishing.

Now we know what happened to those goldfish we flushed down the toilet.

Keepin’ it reel…get it reel? like fishing…reel. hilarious.

No animals were harmed during this photo…but one was pleasured…and it was Joe


One thought on “Best WEEK(end) Ever!

  1. I’m going to have lifesized cardboard cutouts of you and Leslie so I can have a picture with you at my graduation, too :[

    Are you fishing at the Resevoir? And if that fish is one you actually caught (I’m hoping it isn’t) then see a doctor. No joke. After track practice once, the team sorta cooled off in the res. Safe to say we had fevers and death related symptoms of death


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