June 4, 2023

Belton Molotow in stock now! + Open Bicycle is Open

We got a gang of Belton in the shop today. Most of these are specialty cans: transparents, tar, burner colors-and if you’ve never used Belton you should definitely try it. One of the finest paints in the world for sure.
Belton Molotow in stock at Proletariat
After the box unpacking I headed over to my friends’ shop Open Bicycle. Open is a cycling boutique/repair shop. When you first descend the large, modern staircase you feel transported to what feels like a shop in the L.E.S. in Manhattan. They guys behind the shop did the full buildout themselves and thanks to backgrounds in Architecture it looks dope.

The shop doesn’t have the pretentious feel of what I would assume a shop of this caliber would typically demand. It’s owner-operated and the prices are actually lower than most shops in town-yet you get personalized service and you feel like you are hanging out at your friend’s loft. MORE AFTER THE JUMP

Anyways, if you are in the market for a good bike or just need a flat fixed head over to Open and treat yourself to an out of the ordinary retail experience.

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