June 9, 2023

Basstown-DJ Etan-Diplo

Last night was a big night for Boston. Diplo played Great Scott and it had been sold out for a minute. Now for those of you who don’t know about Diplo, he is one of the mash up master dj’s making huge bucks these days. Here’s an image from his gig at the Guggenheim museum…

And we got to see him here…

Of course, before Diplo came on, someone had to warm up the crowd, and no one is better at that than my boy DJ Etan. This is one of the time’s I wish I wasn’t friends with Etan, just because what I am saying might not sound sincere, but I think Etan upstaged Diplo and here is why. In my opinion mash up dj’s are done. It’s not that exciting to hear Nirvana mashed into Ratatat into Hall and Oates anymore. This style of club dj has been in the spotlight for years now and it is all starting to sound like some kid fucking around on his iTunes. Now I have to use Etan as an example because I don’t know many other dj’s right now that are A. playing songs I have never heard from all over the world and B. are mixing and remixing them until new music is created. I think Etan played 2 crowd pleasers last night in his whole set, while the Diplo crew sounded like a NOW: That’s What I Call a Mash Up cd. Don’t get me wrong, Diplo had the whole party raging; people were dancing their dicks off on-stage and off, but it’s nothing Red Foxxworth wasn’t doing circa 2005 at the Enormous Room. I guess what I am trying to say is thanks to Etan, Basstown and Heartthrob, Boston is getting treated with a glimpse into the future of a good club experience as opposed to following every other scene. If you haven’t been to any of these nights yet, make sure you do, because you are missing out.

And when you show up, dress to impress. I had to pull the 8-Ball Jacket out of the Proletariat vault, and I forgot how many fools ask me for coke when I wear it. Luckily I had my two body-gaurds to put a beatdown on all the junkies.

And the night ended with the weird photo straight out of Saved By The Bell, Melrose Place, 90210, The O.C., Gossip Girl, etc.

6 thoughts on “Basstown-DJ Etan-Diplo

  1. ETAN was truly amazing!

    I also enjoyed chatting with all the fake assholes in Boston that evening and watching them struggle to make conversation.

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