December 9, 2022

Bad Commercials, Good Commercials, Great Commercials

We are bombarded by commercials every minute of every single day – they are impossible to miss, but every once in a while there’s an entertaining one and sometimes there are ones that are so bad they make you HATE the company involved. Here are a few of those type commercials..

Here are two that I really enjoy…this James Bond/Coke commercial is fun and memorable and fits the theme…

This Apple commercial is fun and artistic and I watch it when it comes on…

And here’s a commercial that I hate. I’m sure you’ve seen it but if you haven’t it goes like this. This bitch breaks up with this dude and calls him boring. He is such a fucking loser that the only way he could think of not being boring is A. logging on to a credit card website for advice and B. buying his way out of boring…ALONE!!! What a fucking loser! and then he pops a boner when Alicia Keyes gives him a sympathy smile. Dude, you suck. You are a fucking loser. This commercial makes me sad for humanity. It makes me sad that some marketing exec thought this as a good idea. It makes me sad that no one on his team thought they had the power to correct him because he is this fucking boring bastard. It makes me sad that bankers agreed this was a good commercial. And I actually feel sad for the actor who is so good at being boring.

Finally, this brings us to the best commercial I have seen in years – maybe in a lifetime. This commercial made me late for brunch with friends, but it was ok because my friends were late as well because of the same commercial. It made me want to buy their product to support their next commercial even though I don’t ever use their product. It made my friend cut our brunch early so he could go take part in an extreme sport after being inspired by the commercial. Thank you RedBull for this awesome ad.

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