May 28, 2023

Back in Jersey!


FUCK! It has been a long time since I have posted a blog. A mad long time. I have been pretty busy lately. I took another trip to New York City for the annual Billboard Touring Conference. That was pretty great. I ate free cheese and wine and smoozed with bigwigs from Ticketmaster, Live Nation and Stub Hub, among others.

I am currently writing this from the basement of my parents home in New Jersey. Before I get to what is going on now, I will recap a bit. Before I left Boston I had the honor of visiting the backstage of the TD Bank Garden where Bruce (the boss) Springsteen was performing. I had the opportunity to talk to his stage crew and see what goes into setting up a show of that size.


The Pit

The Boss Poops Too!

The night before I left for Jersey I partied with DJ ETAN & Friends!


And Lis decided to pick my nose for me. I often grow tired of doing it myself


Tuesday night Jeff (from The Peasantry) and I headed home to New Jersey where my car broke down at exit 109, 2 miles from Jeff’s house. We jumped out of the car, over the median and began pissing on the side of the road. We laughed for a few miniutes and then asked each other what the hell we were going to do at 12am, without a car! Jeff woke his mother from her slumber, she called AAA, who told us a truck would arrive in 20 min. to give us a tow. Well, if anyone has dealt with AAA before then they can probably guess what actually happened. Two hours later a truck arrived and towed me to a stop and shop parking lot, the opposite direction of my home and said that was the best he could do. He also made me pay him $20 to put my car down!


Then my best friends in the world came to my rescue. I was fucked, left without a ride two hours from my house and Tom and Morgen drove the distance to come meet me and give me a ride home! Before we left to head back home we had to take care of some business.

First up on the agenda, take pics with my piece of shit!



Then we needed to eat. IHOP here we come!



The best friends anyone could ask for, ever! Tom and Morgen got me home by 5am. Tom had to get up for work at 7:30. He is a saint and so is Morgen. Please send them money and lottery tickets!


My car is currently sitting in my driveway, missing some parts. Lets hope it is ready to leave by Sunday. Knock on some wood or something else hard for me. Thanks. Bye.

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