December 5, 2022

Are You In Zine—online edition

Many of you got a chance to scoop up the print version of R.U.N., and there are plans for another one in the future. But as for now, I have been working with R.U.N. for the past few months to bring you an online edition. With the online edition you will be able to setup an account, upload your own flicks, and rate/comment on the ones you see. This isn’t supposed to be a place where people beef, just a showcase of what Boston has to offer. If you have any suggestions hit me up and I will try to make additions and changes. Just click on the R.U.N. logo on our blogroll to access the site.

2 thoughts on “Are You In Zine—online edition

  1. Pretty cool… Question though, is there a chance any of our pics will be seen in the next RUN print edition? I think this would motivate people to upload good pictures

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