December 5, 2022

Anti War and Capitalism March in Oakland


Today marked the day of the 11th year anniversary of the “war on terror” here in the United States. It’s one of the longest on going “wars” ever in United States history.  Not only is a war on a noun a war that cannot be won but the occupation over seas is insulting to the people who live there and a personal insult to me as a American. My brother is a lifer in the United States military and I remember being a closed minded fox news watching ignorant American who supported the war after 9/11/01 and was dying for revenge on all these “terrorists” that were out to kill me and my family because they are “jealous of my countries freedom and perfection”. It’s crazy to look back on life and actually remember thinking that. I’m glad I have done research, been informed and decided to wake up and open my eyes to see what the “war on terror” actually is. The war on terror is a war fueled off racism, money and greed. We are not over seas to “protect America” from terrorists. We are over seas for cooperate interest and to establish military bases. 9/11/2001 was welcomed with open arms by certain people within the United States government and it was a way to have American people be outraged and blood thirsty and a excuse to go to war. I think elven years later people have finally started to notice that this so called war isn’t doing anything, expect making corrupt cooperations richer while people die for people to make billions of $ and they barley have to lift a finger. The money just keeps adding up. Its hard to talk to a majority of Americans about the war, and 9/11 and politics in general because a lot of people think they have it figured out and believe what they hear on the TV and major news stations. They don’t like to be told otherwise and people think you are “anti American” by not supporting the “war” on terror or speaking negatively about the occupation over seas.

So basically I am tired and its hard to think and write this but I thought I would get it done for the morning – But stop supporting racist wars and the killings of innocent families all around the world and do some simple research. The truth is, our occupations over seas create “terrorists.” I personally don’t understand why people don’t get why we were attacked on 9/11/2001. Look at it like this, you bomb a country basically everyday for ten years killing endless amounts of people of all kinds – a group of people say enough is enough and organize and attack America because of its insulting and terrorizing actions. Rant over.

So, 200 or so protesters today organized in downtown Oakland around 7PM for a Anti-War/Capitalism march and in solidarity with the 22 arrested in the march yesterday in downtown SF. (SEE Almost all of the protesters present were using militant tactics to destroy corporate property and used direct action. (SEE video below to learn about Black Bloc tactics)




The march lasted about a hour or so. Police kept their distance, and drove around but left the march alone completely. They didn’t even make a attempt to stop the march. Within seconds of the march protesters smashed the nearby bank right next to Occupy Oaklands old encampment. ATM’s, luxury cars and businesses as well as banks were all major targets. City Halls windows were also smashed as well as the Obama office and police recruiting center. Protesters watched eachothers backs as they took off their masks and black clothing and quickly dispersed and left police shining spotlights on what appeared to just be “normal innocent” people walking in the area. Zero arrested were made. A estimated of 50,000$ of damage or so as a end result of the march.


I filmed a little of the march but for looking out for peoples best interests I decided it wasn’t the best idea. Here is a small video of some windows being broken in the financial center.




I will update this post when I gather other peoples video footage in the future! Check back for more info!



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