February 3, 2023

Another win for the Celts!

Now would be a good time to break out your vintage Proletariat gear…

I’d be lying if I said I was a big sports fan-I’m not. But after living in Boston for half a decade, it does start to get under your skin a bit. Maybe if I didn’t grow up watching the Texas Rangers suck year after year or the Dallas Mavericks who sucked year after year, or the Cowboys who were on the news more for drug possessions than touchdowns, maybe I would like pro sports more. But Boston is slowly erasing all those memories. I got to see the Sox break the curse, the Patriots win year after year and no one really care, and now the Celtics spanking the Lakers. It’s a good time to be a Bostonian. Well, last night Kenji and I met Ryan Lombardi at the Good Life along with the rest of the retail mafia. Todd from LAB rolled in, the UGHH crew was there, and of course Jeff Carvahlo from HighSnob. Here’s a few shitty cell phone pics.

Here’s Peter, the owner of Good Life, when I told him we were down by a million.

At half-time Pete set up an O.G. basketball hoop made out of a milk crate. Our dunk competition inspired the Celtics to wage a comeback.

Jeff can’t talk while he watches the game. But he can steal someone’s bag of lady fingers as well as the hearts of some ladies.

And this ladies and gents is when we knew we had it. Todd can’t hide his emotions or the fact that he wet himself just a little bit in excitement.

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