December 5, 2022


So around 5pm today Justin noticed a serious line-up for our neighbor’s shop Tokyo Kid. This shit makes those sneaker lineups look like steaming piles of feces. These kids don’t fuck around when it comes to supporting their favorite hobby-Anime. I wish I could tell you what they were dressed up as but the only anime I have ever seen is not suitable to discuss around children. Let’s let the pictures speak for themselves…something tells me 1,000 words will not be enough. (Thanks to E. for taking the photos)
Here we have an ill old man ninja!

Rambo & female Harry Potter


Oasis fans

Wile E Coyote & the girl from Wendy’s

Michael Jackson, Madonna, Fairy Godmother

Senor Shark-arm

All I gotta ask is how did you spend your Sunday night?

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